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March 09, 2011


site looks great! LOVE that first image in this post

You two are just amazing... my idols when it comes to photography. :)

oh i love the new site - and so many pictures i haven't seen before!!!

obviously i love :-)

SX-70? Nice! Colton's gets alot of use.

I can't wait to check out that portfolio,

and I'm so, so excited to work with you.

Great pictures. They're really inspiring. I actually want to capture like those you have. Thanks for posting. Keep posting for more

ahhhhhhhhh IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! you guys rock! xxoo! have fun in puerto rico!!

nice photo! dazzling! look retro but modern too..

Love, love, love! And revamped/more blog? Um, yes please! Congrats on the amazingness you're creating (and capturing).

Love the new site! Especially the about section. :) I think it definitely calls for a blog revamp.

It looks AMAZING, Heather & Jon!! I love the simplicity of it. Have a great time in Puerto Rico! I can only imagine all the beauty you will capture there! oxoxox Erin

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