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March 01, 2011


TOO BEAUTIFUL! I love the green shawl too! Gorgeous!

what a beautiful wedding! i love the marigold yellow and the bride is stunning... so charming she is.

Stunning bride and gorgeous photos that capture such an amazingly beautiful wedding! Love!

Argh, this wedding makes me smile so much! Can I be a pain and ask were you got your tattoos from? I think tattoos and glow sticks may make this wedding the coolest I've seen!!

these photos are awesome. that wedding looks like it was a blast. you captured their fun loving spirits so well.

Stunning photos, as always, you two!! They oooooze joy! (And the tattoos - what a fun idea!)

These images are so beautiful! The post processing really fits the setting and style of the couple and wedding. I could go on and on about the tones, contrast etc. It's hard to pick a favorite, but the black and white in the field (below the windmill) really popped out at me!


This is one of my favorites! The portraits inside the old building are stunning, great light in there.

the tones! the tones!!!! really brilliant, and i hate looking at wedding photography :)

Hooray! The dress was made by Priscilla of Boston's Vineyard line, and I got it at a dress shop in Seattle called Calla Bridal, which has THE best dresses

do you know where she got her dress? its so beautiful!

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