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February 08, 2011


all around super lovely!!


wow! the light strike me!

I admire these pictures!Pleasure to look at!

Oooo, I heart that third shot. I'd love to buy a print!

love love love love love. such a great feeling these photos give you.

just perfect beach. love it

These photos have made me absolutely
homesick! They're fantastic!


oh my god. such beautiful shots!!!!

LOVE these! have fun in the sun! it's been 10 years for me since i went to hawaii last.. i must go back soon! xxoo!

oh my gosh.. so love all of these

gorgeous! did you use a lensbaby to take those?

Ahhhh... Heather, you are not helping my Hawaii fixation by posting these pics! I am from TX, and I think I've now been in Seattle long enough to actually desire a sun vacation (even after 3x my lifetime dose!). You guys make it look even more inviting than it is in my head.

great captures, i love the pastel and soft tones in these pictures!

la dolce vita!!!

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