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January 23, 2011


Number two! The atmosphere you create is so unusual these days. These photos will last a long time.

Nice shot.. i can feel they soul from here.. very sweet couple

beautiful heart warming images of such L O V E. i adore the gritty grainy b/w tight shot! thank you for always :)

your work is incredible! i am just in awe with every image!!

what an adorable couple!

You truly had a very inseparable photo shoots. It ain't just the location that made it perfect, but every single event that happen and each little part is what made it perfectly excellent. Thanks for sharing this very great blog that inspired me truly.

magic! Well done!

So beautiful! You guys are the best!

wow I love his session! such soulful images. :-)

love love love!i just love the style of these. you made rain look sexy!

These are so dreamy, they actually make me wish for rain! Lovely couple and photos... beautifully done, Heather & Jon!

Great job, these are gorgeous! I love the second photo so much!

these are so amazing.. I love whole feel to these images.. just awesome

Totally classic! My all time One Love favorites (so far)

These are gorgeous! They look so much in love. You captured it so beautifully on camera.

These are so beautiful, thoughtful, and incredible. Wow.

Oh, Heather, you guys are just sooooooooo good at what you do. These photos are just beyond perfect (as is typical for you)!!

p.s. forget that naomi part, i actually can't remember how i first came to your site. but it's great.

first came to your site through naomi's. i know john from college, and i was so surprised to see photos of him and his fianée on your site! i love them.

great photos - love that they give off such a cozy loving feeling. robyn you look beautiful! best of luck in march!

i love the photo of them with their noses spooning and the green scarf---Magical!

wowza - so, so gorgeous. that couple looks like what falling in love feels like!

yay! oh i'm so happy - i don't know what to say! i will seriously cherish these photos forever. i can't give you enough praise- you guys truly are the best. so grateful to reap the benefits of your incredible gift!

and i love being on your blog! ;)

oh my goodness this is all literally 3 blocks away from where we live now! i love that avalon picture!

love it! you guys made portland look great- happy to be living in a city captured by ONE LOVE :)

These are wonderful! Very well done and thanks for sharing!

you guys continue to amaze. lovely aura in these photos. what a sweet couple!

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