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November 15, 2010


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simply, simply beautiful.

incredible. captured perfectly - as usual.

I love the treatment you have used on these photos. So simple but so effective - I will give this ago. Nice one.

nice blog Buddy...

that's crazy that you were able to witness that. my heart breaks for his family. it must have been an awesome sight.

great photos.
I was in tears watching the event, and that was only a video.
just a beautiful tribute.

I am not a beach-type of person but I do appreciate awesome photos in the beach such as this. Thanks.

I absolutely adore every single one of these photos.

This is amazing that you were present to capture these moments with such emotionally charged focus. I hope the family enjoys them and feels the love you put into them.

These photos are such an amazing way to commemorate cousin Andy. Mahalo for sharing them, they literally took my breath away. Peace be with the Irons.

Wow. These are amazingly beautiful photographs. I am deeply touched and grateful that you shared them. You captured the essence of such an event, blurred at the edges, crisp detail on the parts that make memories. Truly amazing. Thank you.

goodbye andy...

Beautiful ....

Seriously an incredible spread of photos. Nicely done.

wow. i am really speechless.

wow. i teared up just reading and looking at this post. i can't imagine how emotional it was to actually be there. how beautiful.

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