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November 04, 2010


I just love old buildings for wedding photography and these photos are just gorgeous.

Best wedding ever! The photos are perfection! I especially love the moment over her crying with her dad, funky flying saucer hat, and the building! (brewery. Wow!)

So good to see someone doing what they love the way the love it! I love it too.

Honestly Heather, you totally blow my mind.

I love love all your photos! I was just wondering where that staircase picture was taken, it looks pretty awesome!

Wow, I love everything about this wedding! Looks like way too much fun!

beautiful ! such a cool wedding.

Love the setting!!!!

This is a really wonderful set of images. The wedding looks really nice with lots of love and happiness. Where exactly do you work out of? My fiance and I love your portfolio here.

i need this in my life.

I was just curious to know where the staircase building is? It looks so fantastic and I would love to check it out. I don't know if it's the building or the awesome photography!

fan-freakin-tastic! All of it is beyond, but I'm really digging the bridal party photograph. Looks like a really great party.

these are awesome!!!

I'm blown away by your imagery and what you view the world. Simple. Beautiful. Amazing.

you are a brilliant artist.

love this wedding! the pictures of just the 2 of them are so sweet. and i love the decor- balloons, flowers, cake, ah!

Oh lawd. That one of her sitting with her dad and tearing up? Needs a big print. :) Also, the tilt shift of them in the flower field. Love.

epic! perfect style and feel on all the images. i wanna get married here too :) ...and i swear that dude smoking a cig looks just like Justin Townes Earle.

Woah, I'm glad you guys escaped into that incredible stairway. Way to be! Great work all around.

The Carlton Ave Grocery used to be my hangout when I was 8-15. I lived two blocks away on Flora Ave. That brings back memories.

Love this wedding. I have such a sweet spot for wedding that really stay true to their person style. You can really get a feel for who they are.

I am so happy i found your blog. I am completely in love with this couple. Thanks for sharing.

Love this wedding, love you guys.

this is pretty rad. Great captures guys!

That might be the coolest wedding venue ever. :) Gorgeous couple!

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