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October 07, 2010


Wow.. What a nice effect this is.. I like it.. I'm gonna buy digicam next month.. Hopefully if God forbids me too. i want to create something.. to explore my talent as a person.

This is all so, so good. You are genius.

this is insane work. turned my night around.

This looks like such a rad event... I want to know this couple! Your work never ceases to amaze me.

All the photos are fantastic.

Coolest looking wedding EVER. LOVE the bride's dress. And of course the photos are just sublime! Brilliant job, Heather & Jon!

INCREDIBLE!!!!! Totally ♥ this wedding! X

I wanna marry this wedding!!

who is her dress by?? I adore it!

Anyone who gets married near a Chuck Close painting is SUPER OK in my book. So cute!

she looks so good in that gown -she should be a model.

WOW! so so incredible! Best photo booth EVER!

haha i agree with steven elmer. stellar. mmm ... that first one!

So rad!! Love this couples style..amazing images!

this photos made my night, seriously.
the whole wedding is just incredibly cool.

Fantastic work! A+

bananas! love it!

so rockin'. your photos never disappoint!!! and what a fun wedding.

My goodness-you truly never cease to thrill me. Such beautiful, unique wedding photos-what talent you have!

Love, love, loving this!

ohhhh. this is the best best best.

So, so awesome. Love the joy that comes through.

Love it!

Incredible... you seriously made the lighting work for you in every way!!! Love these so much. They full & completely reflect what went on at that wedding. So wonderful, you guys!!!

That's facinating how your pictures reflected passion, and emotions... Thank you for these little pices of happyness... (Sorry for my english, I'm french!)

these are 100% rockstar! you all did a fantastic job.


Ahhh, getting ready shots FTW!

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