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August 30, 2010


So gorgeous, love the tones! Homemade lens, always amazes! That first shot needs to be BIG on a wall! seriously.

love love. i would put the palm tree & guitar photo up in my house.



♥ ♥ ♥

o cr@p. it's so beautiful i think im gonna cry.

How did you make that lens? LOVE the effect. Good stuff

Like a gentle dream. I love it.

Thanks everyone! We are hoping to do another workshop in late Feb, maybe early March around Tacoma/Seattle. These are digital shots using a homemade lens (inspired from the TTV movement). It gives a little more control than a Holga, but it's also a little more tricky to use. Full manual and upside down!

LOVE homemade lenses so much... These are stellar!! When are you going to have another workshop so I can spend some more time with you? :)

So good. Homemade lens FTW!

Gorgeous! I love that second one.

These are great! Are they shot with a Holga?
The colour/lighting in amazing.


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