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August 03, 2010


I adore this photo.

Love this!

SO good. If this were my daughter - I would treasure it forever!

WOW! this photo it timeless. so good.

Had to come back and look at this again. I love it.

Wow! This is just perfect. Love it.

W O W !

This is a favorite for me I just love so many things about it.

omg... LOVE this. :)

it's kind of perfect.

wow! this is beautiful! may I post it on my blog?

This image makes me feel.

Beautiful moment!

Oh, this is so many shades of fantastic! I'm speechless. :-)

You've captured girlhood, perfectly.

this is awesome Heather- I knew you would be captivated by Ava- I must say, i am dying to see more!

LOVE LOVE Love this!

just beautiful... thank you.

This looks like a screen still from a movie. You guys have such great photos. I have never seen any other photographers like you.

Very nice! :)

this is a million times better than amazing.

Wow, what a gorgeous shot and it's looks so spontaneous, like you just fell upon a group of girls in a gorgeous field and stopped to shoot them (in the nice way lol).

You make it look so easy.


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