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July 24, 2010


The participants photos are great. I love Robyn Hollands.

so fun to see what was everyone's ONE shot! :) love it! what a fun two days it was.

This looks so amazing. I want so badly to go to the next one you two host. thanks for sharing!

omg how exciting! i L.O.V.E everyone's photos! it's great seeing what everyone saw.. and working around each other! that was sooo much fun.. and.. that wind was ridiculous! lol! hope all is well with you two! :)

this post makes me so happy. everyone did an awesome awesome job - what an artistic bunch we got!! thank you again for all you and jon did for us - it truly was an experience i'll never forget and changed the way i look at photography forever. you guys are beyond amazing!!! i wish i lived up there - i'd totally come over all the time and bug you guys. ha;) (p.s. i love your photos! i feel so special! and i kind of think my red shirt looks awesome.)

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