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June 08, 2010


OH MY!!!! I love love love this wedding! I stumbled on your blog and now i am in love! i want to get married all over again and have one love photo do my pics!!!

These are amazing! So stunning, in fact, I'm now a little weepy. What love! What talent at capturing this couple's love. Incredible.

i'm late to the party but these pictures are freaking mind-blowing. those ceremony shots?! ridiculous. The chapel shot with the sign in focus and the ceremony in background? OUT OF CONTROL. I don't think I ever need to look at another wedding photo again because you've captured the essence of what great photographers do.


This is cinematic!! Positively adore this wedding and your style!!! :)

i was anti-wedding until i saw this. and now i'm becoming totally girley and into my wedding. totally converted. weddings can be amazing and beautiful

A perfect capture! This may be the most beautiful wedding ever.

what a stunning venue!
I love the indoor portraits you've done here, especially the wedding party with all those paintings behind them, and the shot of the bride and groom nuzzling under the chandelier is breathtaking.

ok this is ridiculous. such a beautiful set. :)

Amazing photos you guys! The way you captured the beauty and light of the chandelier is just FANTASTIC!

So beautiful, so creative, and so full of passion! Pure magic is right! That location, that light, that lovely couple! Amazing work!!!

These are just amazing guys!!! So beautiful! Every single one is just stunning!!! I just want to look at them over and over again!

Incredibly amazingly gorgeously beautiful!! Love your work so much!

im freaking out over here and these aren't even of me.. or anyone i know.. ok seriously.. you two rule! i have looked at these posts probably a good 4 or 5 times now and i want every single picture on my wall.. even though i dont know these people. every image is such an amazing piece of art! these two are going to look back day after day and see so much beauty that you captured.. if i could call you i would.. and scream these words to you at the top of my lungs.. that's how moved i am.. thank you

this is the most beautiful wedding! I love everything, the dress,the bride, the venue, the groom, the pictures, the branches hanging over the ceremony. Ahhhhh so amazing!

Oh My gosh.. I love every single one of these shots.. seriously amazing

Uh-mazing. What an amazing place. The ceremony lighting is incredible... As are you and J.

this post just blew my mind. love how your work is so much about moment and gesture. beautiful.

what a drop dead gorgeous, awesome sauce wedding!!!!!!!!! i die.

Amazing! Every picture is like a story in and of itself!

absolutely lovely!!!

i love the last one. very cool!

every one of these photos made me gasp. each capture is so beautiful and unique!

You certainly know how to bring the sunshine!!! :) loves...

::sigh:: These are supremely beautiful photos, Heather.

seriously beautiful beautiful work.

gorgeous. How lucky they are to have these amazing images to look at for years to come.

Heather... Magnificent job. I love the feel. You were just up the road from me... So rad.

such gorgeous images! nice work! and congrats on the feature too!

WOW! new favorite, these are so beautiful!

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