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May 17, 2010


Oh wow! How sweet! =D Thats my dream.. =) hehehe

these are all gorgeous, as always! true artistry! can't wait to see more!

Beautiful photos! Love the balloons.

How incredible! And what a sweet poem.

Have a great time you guys! xo

Wow - Maui looks gorgeous and the photos really have an interesting and loving feel to them. Well done - I'm sure your client is really stoked.

Your photographs are breathtaking!

Wow Heather- what a sweet homecoming gift for us. Thank you a million times over for your artistry. Enjoy every moment in Maui! I'm suffering island withdrawals, but happy to find sand in every pocket as I sift through laundry. Thank you again and again and again and...

wow these are gorgeous! i LOVE that laura didnt wear a white dress and that she was holding balloons! just perfect! i cant wait to see more!

and have fun in maui! :) im jealous.. we are having seattle style weather down here right now :(

Gorgeous photos and poem. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!

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