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April 12, 2010



What joy to witness - thank you for sharing!Wishing you all well!

Sloan and family

As always, stunning photography.

Anna! My cup runneth over for you and Tony...Looking at his beautifultiny face I am overwhelmed with joy for you. I know how much you wanted to be a Mother...Welcome to this wonderfully amazing and exhausting club. You are gonna love it so much! I hope to meet this lucky bot very soon. XOXO, Rhonda

Each photo tells a story and I have just loved looking them over and over. I can't wait to meet your little guy~ Congratulations! love, Annie

Luca is beautiful! What a cool name for this little guy, the kids and I can't wait to meet him and give all 3 of you a huge hug! Congratulations! Love, Patty, Dimi & Matthew

As always, you capture these beautiful moments in our lives. Thank you so much for your bright spirit and gift.
Anna, Tony and Luca

This is an absolutely lovely poem. I had no idea that Margaret Atwood was also a poet.

Thanks for sharing such beautiful, intiimate photos and such a lovely poem.

xo precious!

You completely inspire me! What wonderful pictures! You truly are an artist!

I can't believe she hosted a party 24 hours after having a baby! That's so Ana. Oh, I can't wait to see them in action as parents!

Magic moments.

Love this post. Can't wait to meet Luca.

so much beauty and love. It is magical, the ability these babes have to captivate a room with their newness and wonder. What an amazing record of his welcome into the world. A Gorgeous collection!

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