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April 09, 2010



Love how your vision with this collection. I adore your work.

Absolutely gorgeous! The venue looks incredible and I love the bride's dress!

I always love seeing your pictures. Great work!

What a stunning wedding....I love the uniqueness and how you captured the light.

Heather, these are just so funky. i dig em :D

I love those simple scenes in the theater.

Wow, so good Heather!

Thanks Kat-We used a Nikon SB80 flash with a pocket wizard for those shots.

What an amazing venue and gorgeous couple! For the shots taken of the bride & groom in the empty theatre, can I ask what lighting you used? It's so striking but not overwhelming. :)

Such a unique and elegant venue! And these photos are beautiful!

such a great way to start my day. FIFTY days until you are in Arizona...capturing the biggest day in our world :-)

are you excited? Cuz we are.

These are lovely Heather!

I love the theme of your photos! I can't believe the bride looked so natural in such cold weather. I remember my sister getting married during winter and having to take pictures outside. She was gritting her the teeth the whole time.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Looking through these photos was a perfect Friday afternoon moment. Beautiful photos, elegantly unique wedding, and joy all around.

These are so beautiful, fabulous and romantic. Gorgeous couple too. I love everything :)

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