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April 08, 2010


thanks for turning my bodies baby clock on. do you have a video to shut it off too? ;) this is just too adorable.

Too cute! Three cheers for Ember for creating little indie audiophiles.

That's adorable. Is it ok for a guy to say adorable? Hmm. Well I said it. Oh yeah that camera/lens is friggin bad ass. Ok there we go I feel a little more manly.

Super cute! Love the way you set up the shot too :)

Goodness, they are so precious. He is so intense.

I stumbled onto your blog from Green Wedding Shoes and i LOVE this video of your family. Hope you don't mind I dropped it into a random post on my blog (with credit, of course!) because it totally made my day and I wanted to share it!

Ha! So cute! That rocks!

Ahhh! That is so cute. Thanks for sharing:)

He's in luck - I have a drum kit for sale. It's built for my 6'5" Robin, but I'm sure Finn will grow into it;)

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