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February 17, 2010


love love love

These photos are beautiful! I love the old world feel I'm getting from them!

I love your photos so much!

So beautiful and unique. I especially love the light reflection in the window one. This woman is a timeless beauty for sure. Looks like she was plucked right out of a classic old movie.

another beautiful winter the snow and the pretty lights...and the mountains...and the orange scarfs.

GREAT work!!

by far, one of the best winter weddings i've seen captured. love love love!

The light in the one with the Anchorage sign is gorgeous and ohmygod the sparkles? Beautiful.

Absolutely stunning. Inspiring as always! A beautiful location & wedding made more beautiful by your eye.

This is why I'm always so excited to see a new post from you.

thank you for visiting my little blog and also for your words of encouragement&advice! i've always adored adored adored (x10000) your work and you never cease to inspire me :D
and this post was amazing..i'm loving the effects of the twinkle lights, especially when they're beautifully out of focus...soooo incredible!

so the shot of the mountaintop.

and everything else.

Oh I've been waiting for these! So charming.

they seem so sweet. absolutely in love with the fourth one!

This is so good! Something magic about it all! Well captured!

very nice!

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