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January 18, 2010


Could you guys be anymore awesome?

One of my all time favorite weddings of yours. A beautiful couple and soft dreamy lighting make a magical combination!

Love you make wedding photos so interesting to look at.. well done.

heather, you never cease to amaze me.. words can't even describe the beauty that you capture.. thank you for sharing these gorgeous images!

Just saw this on - right on the money! Really, really, lovely work. Nice one...

Love from the UK


ahh!!! this is all sooo beautiful! goodness. just beautiful.

Oh Heather. Just stunning. Joe and I shot here in 2007 and it was one of our favorite locations. Your work tells such a lovely story of this couple and your use of light is so inspiring.

Missed seeing you two at the show as well. :)

So glad to see more from this gorgeous wedding! I love everything about it! Top three loves are the boots, the intimacy of having only 30 guests and those gorgeous flowers on the table!

Those photos on the beach are so beautiful. I love this wedding in every way I am so happy you posted more images from it. I borrowed one for my blog post today :)

Beautiful...............I love these photographs!

these have to be some of my favorites. absolutely beautiful.

Sigh. I've been enamoured by this wedding ever since the preview you posted previously. So glad we got the extended version. Oh, and when I get married, I'll credit Judy as the inspiration, 'cuz I'm definitely wearing boots!

Tara-we were both looking for you but never saw your booth, where in the heck were you?

I love her boots! Sorry I missed you at the show this year -- it was a little crazy, wasn't it?!

Absolutely s t u n n i n g images. As always.

WOW. gorgeous couple and breathtaking photos.

OMG, you never cease to amaze me. I'm in love with every single image. Your eye for beauty is just wonderful!

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