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January 10, 2010


this is so amazing. i wish i could do my wedding all over again so you could capture the things you are so very good at capturing. i still need to figure out if we will do pics of max. you will be the one we call if we do.

Hi Heather. :) Your photography is so stunning and I can't wait to meet and interview you next week! Hope everything goes smoothly for you over the next few days. xo

That is soooo awesome! and how do you print on tissue! Genius!

One Love Photo is everything a thriving business should be. The funny thing is this: If you read the next post (about After Zion) you'll notice the glaring similarities between Heather & Jon. I think that as Heather describes Jon, she inadvertantly tells a little about herself. They are both amazing artists, and their art is their humble passion. It's ALL about what they create, not the attention they naturally receive as a result. You guys are amazing Heather & Jon...we miss hanging out!

That clay camera is so adorable!

Ok, I'm seriously crying from all the beauty you create! Your booth is simple and divine, it is going to be a huge hit. Loving the beeswax photos, just gorgeous. Thank you for bring these lovely images to us on a dreary day!

Oh my goodness- these are beautiful & brilliant! (and wow, so honored you used photos from our wedding!) Your creativity and talent is never ending! The magazine is on it's way to you! And fun news... we also made the Contents page.. pg 12! An extra photo-- Score! XO!!

You guys never cease to amaze - LOVE the upgraded booth! And the beeswax prints are so dreamy. Am thinking I may need a few of my own for my wall at home. :)

I've been following your work for awhile now but I've never commented. You create such beautiful work....I love it and your booth looks fantastic! Thanks for being so inspiring!

That camera is so you. I love it and can't wait to see it next week :)

Love these and can't wait to see them in person. I participate in the Seattle Wedding Show too so will just be across the way...will definitely drop by to see in person!

If I was still living in Vancouver, B.C. I would drive across the border to see your booth in Seattle.

Just Brilliant!

I love the beeswax images!

These are all stunning, beautiful, unique ideas. You guys never fail to amaze me with your creativity. Especially those beeswax prints...WOW.

This has to be one of the most creative booths I've ever seen! Loving the oversized camera and the white one under the terrarium lid.

I've been watching your blog for a while and I have to say that I adore all your pictures. I haven't seen a post I didn't like yet.

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