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January 27, 2010


Hey Heather & John, beautiful work! Your wedding images and photographic style are sensual and warm and we just love it! Keep up the amazing work.
Brian Hartman

These are amazing.. love these

This series tells such a beautiful story. I love the way you captured their day.

wow, what a refreshingly different, beautifully rustic, amazingly shot wedding! heather, these are gorgeous! i feel like i was there! i love the torn out pages on the place settings, that is so cool...

he loves her so much

it really looks like a very cheerful and happy couple.. the wedding seems to have been so sweet.. in love.

our photos are truly inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful photos, I love the setting for the wedding.

I love Ogden Nash. Especially his April Girl and 1st child, second child poems.

This wedding has one of my all time favorite photos (the one of them kissing in the rain). I love the camp and warmth feel of this wedding. You guys captured it beautifully.

So beautiful! And the decor seems so well-thought-out and meaningful. I'm in love!

That is the coolest camp ever. I want to go there! And that poem had me laughing out loud!

Amazing Job! These pictures are so beautiful and so much magic and wonderfulness is in them. It gives me happy goosebumps.

These pictures are totaly awesome - I like the place where they married - it has something magic and is really close to nature!

LOVING the total photo magic and wedding awesomeness this week, you guys!!! You're the bestest.

And oh, how I love the kissing in the rain picture!!! And the Bride's sweet dress, and how happy everyone looks. Adorable wedding.

These are amazing, Heather! The shot of them kissing in the rain under the umbrella is so great. Beautiful job!

You guys are the sh*t! I just stumbled across your flickr account, then came here. Usually I absolutely despise wedding photos (to the point where I would rather stick a couple of pencils in my eyes). These photos are real.

so, i had a few favorites picked, and then as i scrolled there were more favorites. so basically the whole wedding is a favorite. i wish i could just follow you around all day and watch you work!

Oh Heather, you know I love a good mushroom photo! You are amazing :)

lovely! love the rain! I want an ice cream truck.. :)

this is one of my fave weddings you two captured - it's dazzling...and real...and just beyond lovely. the shot of them in the rain, with the little girl off the side looking at them. Sweet. :)

Oh my! The shot of them kissing the rain is amazing!! What a sweet wedding:)

My favorites that I've ever seen of yours. What a GREAT wedding and so well captured! :)

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