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January 24, 2010


I love these pictures from this wedding. What amazing pictures!

these are so fantastic!! I love it!

Wow- these look so great with your photos! You are so talented!

I love how you are re-imagining wedding photography into and even finer art - as if it is not satisfying enough that you take stunning pictures.

Your clients are the luckiest people in the world!

I've gone to the Seattle Bride Show for the last two years and your booth was by far the most creative and memorable! I am drooling over your work. You have an incredible eye and beautiful interpretation. I've found my new favorite blog/photographer to stalk. Wish you were around when I got married!

oh Heather, these are absolutely gorgeous! i can never get tired of the art that you create... every single image is SO SO SO INSPIRING.. i dont know any of these people (except erin and greg) but i would seriously display all of them on my walls.. every single one of them.. i have been getting into the mixed media art stuff, but am learning as i go.. so these are truly inspiring.. except i replace people with trees and birds and my dogs and other disasters like getting everything all over me and the counters lol.. ;)
and thank you so much for the birthday wishes you left.. you are so kind hearted... ! have a fantastic week and congrats again on the lovely pieces!

these are beautiful!!!!!!

Love the original think out-of-the-box idea! Beautiful images, amazing final product!

WOW. These are amazing!! Beautiful job. I would love to have a wall of these in my house!!

Absolutely loved seeing you guys at the wedding show!! LOVE your work! Such an inspiration! :)

these are fantastic. wonderful work.

Absolutely amazing work!

OH. MY. WOW!!!!! Is it hard to not cover your own walls with these lovelies? Because I'd want to put them up all over the house! :) Beautiful work, Heather.

These are the most amazing things - kudos to you for coming up with something so original and beautiful and running with it. Inspiring.

You are talented in so many ways!

RADNESS Heather!!

OOohh that is absolutely lovely. Great idea.

Oh my god, those are amazing! I would love to hang a cluster of them on my living room wall:)

These are completely the coolest thing ever. :3

Those are beautiful. What a great match for your photos. Perfect.

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