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December 14, 2009


Boom. And that's how you shoot a wedding. Gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous.

Love the ones during the toast with the ceiling in the background and the one sitting with boats in the background.

These are incredible photos! if I would ever get married- these are the ones I would love to have (not that I want to get married LOL) The lighting is so amazing!

How lovely! Her dress is stunning and you captured these two beautifully! xo.

These are just wonderful... I love her dress.. I love the last one... not even sure why.. its the light.. its just the moment.

Amazing! I love the shots in the car and her fabulous dress. Love your work.

i love with all your photos... i really am.

Beautiful. I LOVE all of the different styles of processing you used... variety and yet cohesion. Beautiful!

These are so good. When I see something like this – something that I would wish for myself in images – it makes me hopeful. Not typical wedding images. Nothing overdone that takes away from the beauty of the moment captured.

I love these image so much that it hurts. That is how much I love them. Probably my favorite wedding of yours so far!

Stunning.... enough said!

Heather y'all absolutely amaze me. The photo of her and her grandpa is my favorite, followed by her popping on some lippy under the trees, and the dream like photo of her and her husband.

PS. This bride and groom are so stinking cute. I love her freckles.

I love the blues. The moments you captured are inspiring. :) Best, Jonathan

Gorgeous work as always.
We Aussies girls love our lippy ;)

You make the best pictures.

I've been following your blog for awhile now and have never commented :) I have to say, though -- these are some of the most stunning images!! Love every single one of them!

Yes, definitely pretty! I love the shot of the rear view mirror -- genius.

Oh wow! The photos with the boats and the marina are simply gorgeous!

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