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December 21, 2009


You did a beautiful job caputuring A+M's wedding day in your photos. It was an amazing day and it shows in your work. ~Dale (Misty's MOH)

Love the gorgeous first frame! Also love the reflection of the dance and the last frame - I love it when the couple hugs like they mean it.

The colours from this post are amazing. So beautiful. I think this is one of my favourites :)

seriously heather those images are so very beautiful! it looks like it was a perfectly gorgeous day, combined with the colors and your kick ass perspective, the collection is absolutely fantastic!!

I absolutely adore your photography. So much about this post is amazing, the colors, the expressions of the subjects, the processing is incredible. I especially love the shot of the bride looking in the rear view mirror of the scooter! Wonderful point-of-view, very unique and inspirational!

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos. brings back all the memories of that wonderful wedding day. it was so awesome. You really captured some fantastic moments.

Amazing Heather! Thank you sooo much! Our photos are magical!
Misty and Aman

so wonderful!!! have no words to express the feeling I have looking at them :-)
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

What a wonderful, colorful wedding. These photos made me smile. :D

I'm so in love with these images! Phenomenal!!!!

Gorgeous and inspiring. And who doesn't love a good "kid nose-picking wedding" image?!

So beautiful and vibrant... the colors are amazing!

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