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November 07, 2009


absolutely gorgeous! my husband & I are both trained as English teachers--love this wedding so much!

The slideshow was perfect, you carried their wedding theme into every shot. Love the soft lighting and classic tones. Well done!

your work never ceases to amaze me.. wonderful, wonderful job.

wow! every photo is simply lovely. what a wonderful documentation of their day!

absolutely awesome! you guys rock...

this is totally amazing...... :-)

Such beautiful beautiful shots! What a gorgeous wedding

oh, how I love you and your photography. Amazing! The fireworks out of the window is truly engaging. I love them all,

Beautiful. I agree with Kristina, it does look like a movie. I love the one where she is sitting on his lap, and the one of her when they are in the subway I think? (We don't have these subway thingies in Texas)

You guys are truly an inspiration to me. You captured the details perfectly. I love how vintage everything is! I can't decide which one is my favorite...they all are:)

I could seriously look at these all day long. The library photos are magical! Gorgeous photos Heather & Jon - bravo!

gorgeous photos! i love their wedding theme.

you make it look like a glamorous movie!!!!

splendid. love those shots with them cuddling in the dreamy.

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