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October 23, 2009


So lovely... I could look at your Blog all day long, Heather! Wait... I've done that before already. ;) Yep. I'm an addict.

Heather & Jon - I love so many of these...BUT, that 3rd one from the top knocks me out! It's so unbelievably timeless and beautiful. Like I said before, with each new post, I find my new favorite image :)

Absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to see more!

I am always so inspired by your creativity Heather. Can't wait to hear more about your homemade lenses. You are creating Amazing work with them!

After exposing me class to Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, and others these past few weeks, I showed them your website and told them that you had incorporated all of that in making these appealing photographs commissioned by others. I think they felt relief. They enjoyed your photos much.

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