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October 15, 2009


incredible...i feel like i was there :)

this wedding s fantastic, nice work you two. hope you are having some time to get all caught up.

These images tell a wonderful story and are all little works of art on their own! Amazing!!!

Wow, such amazing detail is captured in the photos!! FABULOUS!!

Picasso Perfect Photography

Ahhh! Did you two READ what Meg over at APW WROTE about you? It was like having someone go in my head and then say all the things i was thinking (only better)! You guys were amazing for my wedding (we're dying to see everything!) and this wedding looks beautiful, and so is every wedding you shoot. You are appreciated!

Lovely, Heather. But 4 in the morning? I hope you get a break soon.

Truly amazing in every sense of the word. I love so many of these...probably one of my favorite weddings of yours. I ABSOLUTELY love...completely...the 3rd one down! It will go down in history as one of my favorite wedding images period...from any photographer. Very nicely done guys!

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