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October 29, 2009


these are sooo sooo beautiful


heather, i secretly have your blog on my top sites to look at. your work is an inspiration - what is more, is that it is you and your husband behind all this talent. (i imagine how you two work; quietly with unspoken direction between you two)

this is a complete story, with the cameras devoid of presence in so... so many instances.

the sound, words and visual storyline are seamless - and i often find the slideshows silly

but never underestimate the talents that take the ordinary to wake up ones senses.

thank you for sharing. i'm sure whitney & dan are doing what you imagine in your head as they get to watch this...

what a gift for all!

Absolutely love it! Looks like a beautiful, fun wedding!

What beautiful pictures. What a beautiful couple! Love your creativity!

I'm tearing up a bit over that lovely slideshow...
Totally made my entire weekend. *sigh* I love weddings. And this couple looks like they had such a happy, fun wedding. Fabulous job, Heather!

as always, GORGEOUS!

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