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October 21, 2009

Comments amazing. so so *so* amazing. words and images. magic. thank you.

Lovely photos and poem, Heather. I will have to look Louise up.

thank you posting this beautiful poem and pictures.

Wonderful poem!

I am close to tears, ahh sweet sweet poetry. Words so TRUE paired with your beautiful evokative images...makes my heart melt.

you are killing me!

I love the second, third, and last pictures the best.

The poem and the photos are perfection. Thank you.

wow - sounds like my childhood home! And you know what - it was absolute perfection. My mom didn't sweat the small stuff at all. Wouldn't have changed a thing.

Jeeez Heather! I love this set...particularly the 1st image. You continue to create new favorites for me every time you post.

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