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September 02, 2009


K, I meant JAW. oops.

you completely sweep me away each time with your photos. My law literally drops.

i loved seeing these photos especially as i could not attend, the photos made me feel like i was there for a snapshot! Cara is beautiful and so creative. Thanks for the amazing write ups so i could feel part of the celebration of their love, Jo (a far flung friend from England) xxx

These photos are beyond great. I LOVE them.

Gorgeous! You've created some really super images here. Keep up the great work!

These are fantastic!!

This wedding is ABSOLUTELY adorable & looks like SO much fun!

Really lovely wedding! The dress is amazing, and those tempura vegetables look SO tasty. Amazing photos!

Beautiful, beautiful photographs.. although I think that I just gained 5lbs looking at all of that lovely food :-)

I think you should start "One Love Weddings" magazine. I would subscribe...hell, I might even sell them door-to-door. By the way, the 4th one down is a piece of art.

Gorgeous photos as always, Heather! That room where she's getting her hair done is amazing!

LOVE! How wonderful. It's almost enough to make me want to have a summer wedding for croquet and badminton!

I love these Heather! Thanks so much for posting more!!

I can't get enough of these photos. What a beautiful bride! The groom's tie is so cheerful, and that cake!!

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