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September 21, 2009


That looks fun and you are too cute!

whoa! you have some major talent! love all the pictures!

Looks like a lot of fun! And great results!

Heather, Heather,'re so crafty!

Beautiful work Anna, thanks for sharing. The class was taught by Linda Womack in Portland and yes she teaches classes often and has a GREAT book on the process as well.

and the wonderfully helpful book:

Wonderful shots, I love the style

YAY! You look so happy creating in that fun space. Your artistry is a gift, and so inspiring to behold.

That looks super fun! There is an artist named Dorothy Imagire who does some lovely encaustic photographs you might like, sometimes she uses images of fun old time-y cameras!

Every last one of your photos are BEAUTIFUL!! When (if, ha!) I ever get married you'll be the first person I call!
Have you ever considered having a workshop?

Wow...I've been interested in learning encaustic for a while now. Where did you take the class and do they have them often? I would LOVE to try my hand at it!

Bria @ The Dizzy Pixie

What a gorgeous & happy photo!

You look so cute! I'm glad you get some much deserved {& probably much needed} time off!

xo, Erin McDonald

Very cool. Love the new haircut, too!

This looks like wayyy to much fun :) This makes me miss a place called Pottery Works back home. Man I can't wait until Thanksgiving break!

Wow! That looks like so much fun!

Love the idea of combining incorporating photography with encaustic painting - the result is beautiful!

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