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August 19, 2009


What a great love story! You're a lucky lucky lady. Lolz... funny thing was I grew up wanting to marry a man who plays the guitar too and my mum did what your mum did. I ended up being pretty good at it! Maybe that's why I didn't care anymore that Ryan's not a musical person. ;)

aww beautiful images!

one. i love your mum

two. your husband is very very talented

three. you and your husband are magical (I saw M+D's sneaky peak photos when they were on their Scottish honeymoon, they made me well up. You're a very very clever pair of chickens.)

yummy, all of it, top to bottom and all the way to the music :)

i'm so jealous you get to listen to that all the time. I popped over to myspace. WOW. i love love that bus pix

Great story! I love the pics and that guitar with Bob Marley on it is beautiful! I'll have to find that t-shirt for my husband, he's a musician too :)

So incredibly sweet! I love this! You two are the most talented pair :)

Great stuff Heather. And Jon is far, far more talented than he lets on :)

Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

What a great read! Thanks for sharing...that last photo should be in a magazine. Love it. :)

Wonderful! This post is sweet (and your yard looks just fine). We listened to "Outside My Head" - it is gorgeous. Art & Love!

What a great story, Heather. Sweet and full of love!

I love how you conveniently asked Jon to take his shirt off the picture would "be much cooler." Heheh. Thank you for this blog post, it was a sweet start to my day. I look forward to catching up soon, it's been too long!

Is that a dobro in the top picture? My husband plays, so I was just checking.

I adored this post, words, pictures, and all.

I love love love this post. As I love the two of you!!

i miss you guys. Jon looks so young, and funnything is, i think i learned the first few cords from 6 string serenade from you! What a great little story! I love the post.

A moving little post. I love it. And his music is beautiful... just had a listen.

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