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August 12, 2009


Please let me know if you know where she got her dress. These images are amazing and so is her dress! :)

What a small world Heather...
My next door neighbor and good friend made her wedding dress. Your eye for capturing it are awesome. Great work, as always. Hope you are well. - Amber

I was listening to Jon's music while I was reading/ admiring this post and it seems to be the perfect background music to read any and all the posts that you have. Thank you for sharing this Polynesian-inspired day. There just isn't enough Poly-love for me in a day.

That is probably the best dress shot I have seen and I'm no stranger to shooting wedding dresses myself. Awesome stuff.

ABSOLUTELY beautiful! love it all!

gorgeous shoot! I had all the girls at work looking at your blog with me and they LOVE your style.

Beautiful photographs!

These are GORGEOUS!!!

wow... this is awesome! you make every little moment and every detail special...

...stunning images : )
LOVE her ceremony dress
...lovely, just lovely.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! And the floral muff - brilliant idea.

*sigh* Beautiful work, Heather & Jon. SOOOO excited to meet you both! :)

Beautiful couple and beautiful photos! I love her dress(es)!

holy crap, the way that that cloud bleeds into the dress in the top photo tells me more than i could ever need to know.

they are all gorgeous, as usual.

Stunning as always! The colors in the wedding (and photos) are so beautiful!

i can't believe you are going to shoot my wedding - you are LITERALLY the best wedding photogs EVER. these pictures are beyond spectacular.

Jesus. Submit these photos to a wedding magazine. NOW.

Oh my! Where do you find such beautiful fun couples? I love her simple dress. The 5th image is my absolute favorite in this set, amazing portrait as usual.

What a cool wedding!! All the details are so perfect, and your photos are done with such style--great work!

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