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August 27, 2009


Amazing photos, how did you get the aged look?

This looks like such an amazing wedding, so much love, laughter and happiness which you have captured so beautifully.

everything you do looks magical and fun and sweet and real.

The most wonderful wedding pictures I've ever seen!

Dude. I've never seen a wedding so much seemingly laid back and grinning and all "hey, we're gonna throw a wedding today, and we're gonna Love the crap out of it!" I kinda got all weepy looking at these....

Woah...totally magical. Incredible photos a gorgeous couple. But that dip in the water must have been FREEZING! I walk Golden Gardens nearly every night and never have the courage to put so much as a toe in. :)

i feel like i just attended their sweet wedding. beautiful every frame.

Yes Meg, I knew you would love it. And since Jen is a poet and writer I think it would be really nice to hear it all from her point of view.

Um, YEAH. I want them to write about all this magic for me. Sigh. AMAZING.

It seems as though you met you perfect match with this one. Such a beautiful wedding and photographs are amazing!

This is one of the most original and romantic weddings I have ever seen.. incredible. Makes me teary eyed.

Just WOW. I'm so moved by the stories these photos tell! The pure joy and celebration is apparent. Love!

They are magical photos. Looked like an awesome wedding!

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