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August 06, 2009


Beautiful shots! Linda and Cameron. I love it and the church was so beautiful. Wish I can also go there to personally see it. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Keep it up!



Oh my Heather- I love this shot. Hope you got to meet up with Noellen. One of these days we'd love to meet you guys! We need to have a family reunion and get you there to take pictures of all the craziness! Gotta get bake to baking, but love to look at your beautiful artwork.

Love the last b&w soooo much.

That first shot is so great. I'm nearly certain it was taken some sort of Frankenstein lens Jon created in his Luh-bore-a-tory. I'm gonna take a leap here and say that I think this is the *perfect* use of a tilt-shift lens (or homemade something-or-other for that matter). Mad skillz...

I LOVE that wide angle ceremony photo, and looks like an amazing site for a reception! So beautiful!

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