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August 31, 2009


Your potos are wonderful and your details are so charming! Congrats..

Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding!

Cara--I would love to know more about your bunting. Like how many feet of it you used. We're planning to use bunting banners but aren't sure how many feet we'll need.

Heather I rarely get a chance to check out all my favorite sites anymore, but I am so glad I took a few minutes tonight to peak at yours. Oh my you always amaze me! I think one of the biggest things that strikes me is that I feel like I know these people and share in their joy when I look at your pictures. It always invokes such emotion. You are not just a gifted photographer, but you are a wonderful story teller. Take care!

aw, how sweet! these pictures really make me wish i had attended this fun wedding!

your work is delightful! my friend jen just sent me your site.. and then i see we're already connected.

What a wonderful set of summery wedding photographs, I want to see more!

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