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August 24, 2009


Ahhh, it's Jilli!! So glad you hooked up with her. These are beautiful, Heather. The water image especially.

This a great series. I really like the variety. Great stuff.


These are so much more than belly photos or portraits. These my friend are are art. I feel like these should be in an art gallery, especially the first and last one. I Love your eye,so unique.

Oh how I wish I photos of me like this during my pregnancies! This session makes me want to be pregnant again.....beautiful work.

These are simply stunning! I am bawling!

some of the most beautiful and peaceful portraits I have ever seen!

Beauty, beauty, beauty.

Heather - Thank you for photographing my bump. Seeing the photos reminds us of how much fun we had shooting that day and we're even more excited for baby's arrival in just a few short weeks.

All - thank you for all your kind comments!

this are soft sweet womanly and full of life, like pregnancy. wow. i'm glown away.

I love them all, but my goodness, the bottom one with the lovely lady in the water is just heavenly :-)

WOW-Just when I was thinking Maternity photos were cheese you come and hit me with these! It is so refreshing not to see the husband fake kissing the belly. These are so artistic and amazing. I love your use of negative space and framing.

What a lucky and beautiful momma to be! These images are ART. Sign...I really wish I knew of your photography back when I had my baby belly.

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