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June 28, 2009


Hello. I am Cathy Faist, author of the poem 'Marmalade Sunset' which you used the above excerpt from. I am honored you chose to use it, but am curious as to how you came across it. :)

OMG. I don't think my need for a garden party will ever go away now.

That pic looks like it is in Australia?

uh. everyone already said it. but wow. really. wow.

Hey Heather..
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shots so far! I can't wait to see more.. I know it really made Erin (and Greg) happy that she could get you and John to shoot their wedding.. you two were so wonderful to work with and very very pleasant to be around.. Thank you for everything :)


Really big WOW! This pictures...that was epic!

such special moments captured.

sigh. you guys are amazing!!

i can't put into words how these photos blow me away. all i can say is THANK YOU for creating such beautiful art.

dear god, these are amazing.

Gorgeous, delicious and definitely Cali!

perfection. that first picture will remind them of that exact moment 20 years from now.


Wow. What a lovely set of images

WOW...that's all.

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