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April 20, 2009


the photos look superb, thank you for sharing...

AWESOME. I just got back from Mexico and really want to shoot a wedding down there now. So rad.

Not only does this look like the funnest wedding, but these two are so in love!!!

and they brought their doggie too!!! I had mine at my wedding in 2001. Will post those photos soon...

love this!

I want to dive into the photos! Beautiful, as always, Heather.

Heather - Am I a total narcissist cuz I'm looking at these pics 5 (total lie, more like 10) times a day?? I think not. It's just your fantastic photography I'm addicted to! I up for another wedding so we can get you & Jon in the pool. Isla 09'??? SO much love...

Beautiful photos! Looked like an amazing night.

WOW! those are some awesome photos! :) Very Talented!

I am a swedish girl with photography as my hobby. I stubled across this webpage and....WOW!!!
These photos are the most beutiful pieces of art i have evr seen in my life! Amazing!
You have your own style and its working.
You guys are two extraordinary photographers!
Im looking forward to seeing your photos in the future!

Can I believe you will be shooting our wedding in less than TWO months?! Nope! I cannot! I am so excited I might jump out of my skin! Noellen & Jackson are so adorable & this wedding is absolute perfection! Great work guys! :]

Heather & Jon, you guys are awesome! For some reason I just found myself tearing up, and it isn't even my wedding. These photos are magical, just magical. I love the kissing shot where they are in the bottom corner, and the one of the dog running towards the camera. Well I love them all!

Congratulations you guys!

These photos are timeless! They are going to love them forever!! Beautiful!

P.S. Glad to hear you are messy as well haha =) It's tough keeping things clean!

Oh please...... can i please please please have a wedding do-over? Your pictures are amazing & this wedding is screaming, "Go on vacation!"

Holy insanity. These are AMAZING, Heather, just amazing. Love all the use of negative space, #5 & the pier one with the candles (most fave!!!)

We got married at Zama as well and it was the *best* experience. We loved Isla Mujeres and Zama Beach Club was great to work with.

The fire dancing looks awesome! What a nice touch.

The photography shots are beautiful - they really brought back great memories of our wedding - just looking at these shots makes me smile.

These shots are beautiful! They make you feel like you are there, amazing!

Heather!!! Your photos are just ethereal...I love the beach and dock shots with the beautiful sand and sun. You captured it beautifully. I've loved looking at this whole wedding, and it made me want to be friends with noellen & jackson. What fun you must have had!

Beautiful wedding! This bride is so strong :-)

The shots are breathtaking! So beautiful.

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