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March 13, 2009


that second image is ahhh mazing.

simply gorgeous

Your photos are really unique and awesome! I love your style and framing!

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Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! The first photo didn't take any time or effort to set up since the flowers were there and the light was soft. This wedding had a nice slow relaxed pace and nothing felt forced. I was like a kid in a candy shop. It was wonderful!

wow...beautiful. so so lovely.

hi! this is the first time I looked on your blog and already I've fallen in love with your work! absolutely stunning! I used some of these pictures for my post today, I hope you don't mind. I've given you the credit, don't worry :) Anyway, in case you wanted to check it out-

gorgeous! i Looooove the stuff hanging from the trees! you guys do incredible work. always.i even posted a photograph of yours on my blog :)

That first photo looks like it took a lot of preparation to get. Definitely paid off though!

Oh my word these are just so beautiful. I love your work so much. It is very intimate and lovely.

That's what makes you great Heather, the simple fact that you refuse to separate your wedding photography from your art. You're one of the very few who really stay true to themselves...never lose that!

omg this is one of my favourites of yours ever!

so dreamy, like a beautiful fairytale~

Gorgeous, Heather!

OMG These photographs are just beautiful moments!

These photos are indeed magical! Like a fairy tale.

This set is great! Just as a general note, I love your style. It has so much feeling and authenticity.

I just lost myself strolling through your photos! They are all so beautiful and creatively taken. You've inspired me!

Amazing pics! What a gorgeous backdrop! And I love her dress too!!

I LOVE the last one! Can't get sweeter than that!

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