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February 05, 2009


That is the most awesome venue for a wedding.It looks beautiful!I've only discovered your pictures today,but you are a certified genius with a camera.

gorgeous photos!!

Such a great location and such great photos of it! I especially love the adorable children - it's like you have some crazy physic kid photo power. I want it! :)

Heather & Jon - Thank you guys so much for shooting Tim & Jamie's wedding! We were all priveleged to have had you there. You and Jon have something so rare in this business: The natural talent to make beautiful art through photography, and the genuineness that sets you apart from the herd. These images are so great you guys! Sodo Park can be challenging, but y'all rocked it! Thanks again, and we hope to see you guys soon.

The shot of her belly is so cute!

Ditto on what perfect bound said, I also really love how you captured the spirit of the groomsmen! They look like a fun bunch of gents!

I love your tag line! So true. This wedding looks like so much fun! I love the way you captured the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Their individuality is so attractive!

Wow. That place is stunning. What a cool place to get married!

These are tight. What an amazing location!!! You are so good :)

That bridesmaid on the far right is especially hot! :)
Love the one of Ella sticking her tongue out...these are gorgeous, Heather!

Wow, the ceremony area looks amazing. Great photos Heather!

Couldn't agree more with your header - these photos really are motivation enough to get married!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your work! :)

I just found your blog via flickr and am so glad I did! All of the images are gorgeous, but I absolutely love the last shot, aaaaaaahhhhmazing! I bet they are so happy with these!

These are incredible.. love your work.. such a treat.

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