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November 25, 2008


Your wedding photographs are simply amazing! Makes me want to do it all over again!

Oh my gosh! Stunningly gorgeous, dahhling! Love it!

Lovely photos! LOVE the dog on the bike.

Beautiful location, venues, bride and groom and images! I love the one of procession with the Hawaiian shirt in focus in the foreground and the bride and dad out of focus in the background. Great eye!

Great composition!

These are incredible. The light is perfect. Absolutely love these. Almost, just almost enough to get married myself. And that says a lot! ;)

oh how we love to shoot in hawaii!!! color me jealous!! these are beautiful!!! hope you and yours have an awesome thanksgiving!

Stunning photographs and they look so adorably happy! Love her dress, too!

Exquisite. I cannot even count the ways these photographs sing. Just incredible. Your clients are fortunate.

Great post Heather! In particular, I like...all of them ;)

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