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September 19, 2008


oh heather you do, you really do, have a way of capturing
of people. i love this story and this couple. esp.
the jumping (with unbridled enthusiasm) on the bed.
makes me SMILE and smile and smile.

in the midst of editing 1000's of pictures, dealing with broken printers, attempting to interpret html...your images refresh me and just bring a little delight to my day! i too am a fan of the bed shots...what a playful couple!

Uhhmmm, just like the comments above, I am also in love with the bedroom pictures! It's a really cute and fun concept, that really shows how joyful their day was!

Love the bed image! Totally reminds me of the nursery rhyme…”two little monkeys jumping on the bed…” It is so important for the bride and groom to have fun together while taking photos!

The bouncing on the bed shot is priceless!

What a CUTE couple! You can see how much fun they are having on their wedding day in their big happy smiles. I love the bouncing on the bed shots!

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