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September 13, 2008


I'm so glad you're coming back to Maine! I can hardly wait!

Oh Heather, you are so wonderful! When I clicked on "oh, and this is my very favorite one!" and saw the beeswax collage of me, I had to choke back tears. Thank you for continually making me feel like the most special bride in the universe!!!

Wouldn't that be the best, to have tea in person?!? Why do all these states in between have to get in our way? Hey, I just booked a wedding in Chicago so I am getting a little closer.

Well, at least you realize you're driving me nuts. If I lived within driving distance, I would show up at your studio and demand your art. Okay, totally kidding, but I would stop by for some coffee and/or tea. :) I'm patiently waiting here in Michigan!

I knew this was going to drive you crazy! Soon, I promise very SOON!

Heather--you're killing me while I wait for our piece of art to arrive. I know you're crazy busy, but I simply cannot wait to hang ours on the wall!

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