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August 26, 2008


these are just gorgeous!

well i think it's safe to say this is my favorite session. not just because she is beautiful and you are amazing, but that when you get together, there is an honest connection. so milky and fresh but REAL. i clicked the link, and wow you captured her even back then. and Heather, I am so blown away by your work i saw when i traveled there. you are the photographer i would choose to capture me and my famiy--

oh my goodness. Seriously perfect. And the "baby" picture of her is adorable, I feel like I just watched her grow up :)

These photos took my breath away.
Thank you for sharing them.

brilliant set! would be awesome to see you photograph her a few years down the road!


What a captivating spirit! Absolutely stunning portraits. . .

Incredible... almost every single photo tells a different story all it's own. You've done an AMAZING job capturing this beautiful little girl!

holy smokes she is beauty-ful!! wow. those eyes!

and uh TOTALLY jealous of your shoot in hawaii!! if you like pineapple at all, you HAVE to try one there. i'm not even kidding it's like eating candy in pineapple form! if you get it in stores make sure you get the ones that are completely or close to all yellow or get it at one of the street side stands. oh. i'm going through withdrawals now. have a safe and awesome trip!!! cannot wait to see your images from there!!

What a gorgeous girl! I love the closeup of her big blue eyes...

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