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August 17, 2008


What a fun idea! You captured the joy of the couple and guests perfectly. I'm sure these will photos will become a very treasured part of their family heritage. Great colors!

Hi Heather! At the risk of sounding so you sometimes have those moments when you feel like it's the same thing, weekend after weekend, wedding after wedding? And THEN, someone comes along and has a LOVE PARADE! And then I love weddings again. I think this is truly the most fun I've seen EVER at a wedding. (Mind if I send readers over here?)

Hope summer is going well!

I am absolutely in love with this--all the way down to the Chuck's! I keep coming back to check this out because the idea of a love parade makes me genuinely giddy. So fantastic and alive. Am taking notes for my someday...

Dear Heather -
If the rest of the photos look as fabulous as these, then I can't wait to see all of them!!
You truly captured the moments of the parade(and then entire day) . . .what a happy day, and how lucky we are that because of your wonderful eye, we will have the photos to look at for years to come.

Debbie Campbell
MOB Friend

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