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August 13, 2008


Any idea where her navy dress is from? Love it!

Heather, your photography is beautiful art. I loved looking at these...such a beautiful fine art if you were really taking it all in with your camera and turning around presenting these beautiful canvases for all the world to see. Can't say enough. At the risk of sounding cheesy...I "felt" it.

Oh Heather what a love story!! I keep scrolling up and down and just staring at the pictures. It is amazing how well you were able to tell this couple's story with just a few pictures and words underneath. I am so weepy and filled with a warm loving feeling after had found this blog. Thanks for everything Jon and Heather you two are the best!

I really love & am inspired by this. My fiance & I are going to get married, courthouse style, but want to have a fun yet casual celebration with friends & family. Plus a great dress. :) Beautiful photos.

What a fun treat to read in the morning!!!! Congrats Ember!

Ok, I just love the photos. the colors are so rich and simple. The photos of em and ben walking down the grassy path with Leo out front, wow. The black and white at the reflection pool, amazing! and the series with em, especially the one with the maple branch, should be an Oleana add. I am so happy for Ember, Ben and Co. Thanks for taking such amazing photos heath! We are so blessed to have you.

I must have read this five times today, and it makes me cry a little every time. I think her face looking at you in some of the photos and your face grinning in the mirror - that might be the best part. But I don't know. Those little boys are pretty amazing.

Love the pictures, Heather! The garden ones turned out just like I had imagined. But if that is the best one of Scott and I, good grief, tell us to smile more often!!

The simplicity of this wedding is appealing in so many ways. I hope Meg of A Practical Wedding picks it up because there really are so many brides who need to see this. It's refreshing to hear the comments from the little boy because you realize that he had no idea that this would be considered a "budget" wedding by mostpeople. He was surrounded by love, family, friends, and laughter, and so for him it was everything.

What an incredibly creative way to get the venue/pictures you really want. So cool!

What a fun wedding! I love the relaxed vibe, her dress, the flowers, the cakes--just splendid!

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