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July 03, 2008


So special, perfection! Congrats!

Your photos are inspiring. At a family reunion this week I kept trying to imagine how you'd photograph the scene. It's hard for me to capture the fleeting moment and even remember which camera mode I'm in. I found myself pushing the wrong button in my exuberance, turning off my camera when I thought I was clicking the shutter. I have a long way to go! But I love the things I learn just by looking at your art.

I must give credit where it's due. Jon captured this sweet image during the sparkler rush last weekend. I fell in love the minute I saw it on the little screen on his camera. He is a natural, I think I'll keep him around!

Gorgeous photo! I got the shivers looking at it. What a beautiful shot. You captured the sweetness of the couple and the joy of the sparkly onlookers so well. Looooving it!

Aww, what a great photo. Happy 4th to you and Jon! I hope the PacNW weather cooperates for any festivities you may have planned. Cheers!

Happy 4th!!! AMAZING picture and just the right sentiment to go with it! =)

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