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June 01, 2008


What's the point of doing all the things on the list, if you can't fit in a few surprises to make it all worth while? Good reminder of why flexibility should be on my list!

Oh this post so encompasses everything. Miss you!

Oh yes, I often employ that tactic too. And yay! Can't wait to put "Craft project with Heather" on my list! :)

i love that idea! I am known for adding things to my list that weren't on it originally after i've done whatever i wasn't planning on and then making a big proud X next to it! But I really like your idea! look at me, i'm off task again. and YES! we must craft together with all your old newspapers. i love that idea as well.

Ah, how refreshing. My life has turned into one giant list and I feel so guilty when I stray from it. But look at the absolute joy you created by straying. Thanks for that reminder! (Ooh, I just had a thought. I think I'm going to start to add "Do things not on this list" to my to do lists... then at least when I stray, there's the feeling of accomplishment). Hope the adventure's fantastic!

Remember the buddhist saying: there is nowhere to go. there is nothing to do. there is no one to be. : )

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