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May 15, 2008


The photos are just so beautiful!!!
I am sad to hear to about polaroid film. It seems like a strange thing to do. Esp. since interest in the older cameras in increasing. I wanted to stop in and thank you for your kind words- you are so sweet. You will love Sally Jeans book- very well written. Let me know if you need any supply sources ( I have some ebay favorites ) :)

Oooh, I love these (and am so in love with Adie and Polly)! Parting with old things in the house is really hard... I don't blame you one bit, but of course I have a really high tolerance for the quirkiness and charm of old houses.

Love these Heather. I bet the kids at Stadium loved your fun spirit!

Love that top photograph Heather - you are so quick thinking and creative!

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