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March 09, 2008


great idea! i think i might do this for my open house

this was in brides magazine a few months ago and i was totally smitten with the idea!!

love it! I'm going to do this project with a photo of my fiance and I all blown up! This is sooo cute!

Guys your idea has certainly taken off :)

I love this idea. It is much more personal and creative!!

Oh I love those paintings. Another reason for Harry to marry me again!!

oh i just LOVE this idea. so creative, so fun, such a lovely way to unify the group to one great big glamorous project. simply wonderful.

Thank you Art Directors (Janice and Kathleen) for your input and tips! Much appreciated! You are both very talented women and brave... to take on a project like this! I know it meant a lot to your friends and that they appreciate your efforts! I had a fun thought after posting about guest collage art? You could have a bunch of cool stuff cut out already and ask guests to glue pieces on a canvas. Collage is all about the unexpected so it might be perfect!

Yay! Too fun! I'd agree with Janice, paint-by-number would definitely help those "shy" artists feel less intimidated and certainly lend itself to consistency. We talked about doing that and also limiting the colors. In the end, we opted for guest creativity--including some improvised finger painting. :)

I'd also suggest that you keep the design relatively simple, some squares in the grid can be more complex for the artistic, but some guests will really appreciate simple "no brainer" squares as well.

Thanks for the props. :) The only other thing I would suggest is that the "artistic director" be as detailed as possible in the initial sketch. Or even make it a sort of color-by-number painting. It will help in the overall look and guest will be much more inclined to paint if they only have to follow directions.

How totally awesome is that?! I agree, this is a funky cool alternative to the traditional signed mat.

i just adore this idea!!! i'd rather hang up a unique piece of art than a signed picture mat....

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