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March 03, 2008


I have just a few snow globes - I like for the old fashioned ones.

Hi! I'm enjoying your site.
I'm learning to take pictures and I'm wondering how you got this "look" for your pictures? Sort of an "old photograph" look. Did you use a certain filter in editing?

collecting- oy. I sometimes limit my collectons to 3, that way the family doesn't get all crazy on me. OR I keep it a secret. he-he.
The only one I let others in on the collection of hand mirrors that I hang on a wall- more IS better for that one. It was bad when I used to collect chairs. :) Husband was not really happy that one esp. since we lived in an apartment!

Oh Lisa,
you are much too sweet! I never think a thoughtful gift is weird! Thanks for the giggle. The tower is lovely, very delicate!

Hi Heather! So glad you received your Eiffel Tower from d. Sharp! Is it is as wonderful as we thought it would be? I'm sure it is. I know what you mean about collections, my mother went through the same thing, first with owls, then with cats. Now she has neither. I don't announce my collectible urges due to this reason - so a big nod to you. I saw a wonderful, beautiful umbrella with the Eiffel Tower on it recently, with a a Monet inspired print I think, and immediately thought of you. I almost bought it for you - then I wondered if you'd think that was weird!?!

Thank you so much for the mention Heather! I am so flattered. What a great opportunity to explore a new {to me} blog - looks fun!
From one collector to another - I call first dibs on.... {just kidding.}

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